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Shenzhen Nanshan District Youth Innovation and Cultural Exchange Association (YICE) aims to promote the exchange and cooperation of economy, science and technology, culture and so on by organizing various lectures, seminars and experience exchange activities. By actively integrating the resource of all parties and provides for nanshan district youth policy, law, information, technology, training, services and support, help to get the latest most authoritative nanshan district youth entrepreneurial innovation information, perfect youth career development and construction, promote the birth of the new force in society.

At present, Shenzhen Nanshan Youth Innovation and Cultural Exchange Association has assisted the government of Nanshan district in Shenzhen to jointly carry out the “Youth School” and “International Undergraduate Innovation Post Station” project. On the one hand, the association provides services to help young entrepreneurs to improve their own project plans. On the other hand, they support youth entrepreneurship by coordinating social resources at all levels.

YICE in late August, 2017, in conjunction with the university of Malaysia sabah (UMS) for the first quarter “YICE sabah university international exchange camp” project, project participants to shenzhen college students, YICE staff, UMS part of the teachers and students as well as the shabab relevant government authorities of administrative personnel, project main content for the “ecological environmental protection and sustainable development” as the theme for the 15 days of cultural exchange and issues discussed in this paper. The fifteen days, participants took part in the outdoor travel theme, indoor activities such as brainstorming, accepted the professional knowledge of tourism education and the management education, the idea for a new environmental protection and sustainable concept, which won the shabab officially recognised authority certificate, and harvest the friendship and knowledge.

In June 2018, the Association participated in the “Production and City Integration” of Guangdong-Hai Street Microeconomic Events Competition in 2018, which was joined by Guangdong-Hai Sub-district Office in Nanshan District, and won the third prize for its “Urban Small Tree Seedlings Education Project” by Chinese and Foreign Youth in Nanshan District. In addition to the community docking resources provided by the competition, the Association also participated in the competition. At the same time, direct contacts between 1 other communities were obtained, and plans for cooperation with these communities were planned.

In July, with the help of the competition, the Association joined the deep community.

In August, the association began to complete a series of project documents preparation and submission of information to ensure the normal implementation of the project.

It is expected that the first event will be held on September 15. The total number of participants will be 35. The event will involve English, drama, literature, interaction and other elements.

In September 22nd, second events were held as scheduled. In order to fit in with the elements of the Mid-Autumn Festival, this activity chose the ceramic art with a strong artistic flavor as the theme. The total number of participants was 42. Nearly 20 works were completed by teenagers themselves. The English learning time was 2 hours. The feedback of the activities was satisfactory.

we bring some of the latest technological advancements and products into China to help Chinese investors to improve the resources integration and cooperation development plan, complete technology transfer projects, vigorously promote the development of shenzhen science and technology strength and innovation; Through the cooperation between different projects, promote the deep cultural understanding and exchange of entrepreneurs at home and abroad, and promote the common development of excellent entrepreneurs both at home and abroad.

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