About Us

The Shenzhen Youth Innovation Cultural Exchange Association, or YICE, was created in March 2015,and formally registered in July 2015.

We have four key commitments that we operate by, commitment to partnerships, enduring relationships, mutual help and exchange, and, of course, forward progress .

We value innovation, development, and technology, which we use to establish a link with the government, corporations, academic institutions, and areas of youth participation.

In doing so, we can bring together governmental and other resources to coordinate exchange and cooperation between both national and international business and political organizations, to build a platform that will help foster innovation and development opportunities for the youth of Nanshan; advancing them in their entrepreneurial aspirations, while helping them to realize their potential and add value to the society.

Our Goals

To foster innovation while bringing about technological advancement.

Our Vision

We seek to bring together the newest innovations in entrepreneurship, introduce new technologies from abroad, advance the cause of entrepreneurs here at home, and develop new entrepreneurial talent.


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We welcome any interested team and organization to participate in our activities, if necessary, please contact us.