2009 Songshan Lake Science and Technology Innovation Talents Recruitment will reveal these talent trends

2009 Songshan Lake Science and Technology Innovation Talents Recruitment will reveal these talent trends

“Today’s activity has exceeded expectations. In less than one morning, we have already filled up the interview time for next Monday and Tuesday!” Liu Huiping, executive vice president of Guangdong Youlipu Wulian Science and Technology Co., Ltd., said.

At present, it is the recruitment season of Jin San Yin and Si talents, and major enterprises are scrambling for talents. On March 16, more than 100 enterprises offered more than 800 jobs for job seekers and more than 2,000 job seekers were present at the 2009 Songshan Lake Science and Technology Innovation Talents Recruitment Conference held in Guangda West Valley Industrial Park, Songshan Lake, Dongguan. Southern + Reporters on-site observation found that the recruitment fair for recruitment parties to provide accurate docking, but also revealed the new trend of talent supply and demand.


Highly skilled people don’t come out on their own

Enterprises participating in this recruitment fair are involved in new generation of electronic information, new materials, intelligent hardware, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet sharing and other emerging industries, including Guangdong Everbright Group, Guangmin Innovation Investment, Gallium Semiconductor, China Map Semiconductor, Zhengye Science and Technology, Soft Power, Ebao Software, Chinese Microsoft, Easy Shit, Valley Science and Technology, Hongchuan, Shangli, Guangda. More than 100 enterprises, such as Securities, Yangtze Securities, Industrial Bank, Car Loving House, Defeng Electric Power Generation Corporation and Youlip, have recruited posts in seven categories: software engineer, hardware and electronic technology, design, editing, administrative and logistic services, financial services, sales and after-sales services, counseling and training. The monthly salary of these posts is between 5000 and 2000 yuan. Section.

“Today, in addition to the applicants from Dongguan Towns and Streets, as well as from Huizhou and Shenzhen, the popularity is relatively strong, the overall quality of talent is relatively high, the level of talent is higher than before one or two grades.” Liu Huiping said that this year, the demand for skilled personnel such as software and hardware engineers is relatively large. The monthly salary offered is about 15,000 to 2,000 yuan, which is comparatively competitive in the industry. However, he has also participated in several recruitment fairs before. Recruitment is not very smooth, and the quality of the personnel to be applied for is often difficult to meet the needs of the enterprise.

It’s all job fairs. Why are they so different? In Liu Huiping’s view, the organization of the platform is very important. High-skilled talents will not come out by themselves. It needs to recruit the platform to organize and invite. The platform should play the role of half a headhunter.

The attractiveness of Songshan Lake is another key factor affecting the effectiveness of corporate recruitment. Liu Huiping said that in recent years, Songshan Lake, as a city card of regional innovation highland, has been more and more recognized by local talents through in-depth publicity and popularization. Especially after the promulgation of the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Great Bay Area Planning Outline, people have more confidence and expectations for the development of Songshan Lake. As the first large-scale recruitment fair of Songshan Lake after the year, this recruitment fair has been concerned by more talents. Note.


Post-95 Focus on Close to Home

According to the data, there are 2035 electronic signatures for the job fairs, 34.06% of them are college students, 50.57% are undergraduates and 2.51% are master students.

Age distribution, age below 25, 28.84%, 25-35 years old 58.73%, 35 years old and above 12.02%; the most popular enterprises include EAST group Limited by Share Ltd, Guangdong Hong Chuan Group Co., Ltd., Chongqing pig eight quit network Co., Ltd., Dongguan Zhong Jia Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Zheng ye Polytron Technologies Inc, Guangdong Guangmin innovation and Venture Capital Co., Ltd. Industrial Investment Co., Ltd.

“We want to recruit a lot of new management trainees, the overall effect is very good. “Guangdong Hongchuan Intelligent Logistics Co., Ltd. General Manager Fei Donghua said that with the entry of post-95 and Post-00 years, their expectations of work, in addition to salary level, pay more attention to the development prospects of the post, but also have more personalized needs, such as whether the corporate culture meets their expectations, whether the workplace is close to home, for these conditions. Moreover, enterprises are constantly optimizing the platforms they can provide, such as paying more attention to the construction of corporate culture, enriching, innovating and rejuvenating corporate culture activities to meet the needs of the new generation of talents.


Park Service “Going Out”+ “Introducing”

As the organizer of the recruitment fair, Zheng Minghui, director of Guangda West Valley Operations Department, said that as an innovative industrial park with heavy operation services, Guangda West Valley has always attached great importance to the talent service work of the park enterprises. In the previous research, the talent demand has become the common demand of many enterprises.

To this end, the park promotes the recruitment of enterprises by “going out”, “introducing” and other forms.

In terms of “going out”, Guangda Wegu has been working closely with various human resources departments and colleges and universities. Through organizing park enterprises to participate in campus seminars, campus recruitment fairs, college students’practice, career planning and other exchange activities, it promotes the excavation and cultivation of talents by universities and enterprises.

In terms of “introduction”, Everbright Wegu has set up a network recruitment sharing channel for enterprises at its own expense, such as opening a “Everbright Wegu” enterprise recruitment column on the recruitment of Zhilian Liaison and promoting it on various media platforms, to help enterprises release recruitment information. At the same time, periodic activities such as personnel policy announcement, HR special training, social and livelihood consultation are carried out to stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprises to attract talents and help enterprises to bring in talents.

On the one hand, it organizes park enterprises to participate actively. On the other hand, it invites social talents to come to the park for exchanges, and strives to build an efficient and high-quality platform for social and talent interaction, so that social talents can deeply understand the enterprises in the park, so that enterprises can recruit outstanding people at the gate of the park. Only then.


Songshan Lake has become a gathering place of scientific and Technological Innovative Talents

On February 18, 2019, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council officially issued the Outline of Development Planning for the Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. The outline proposes that one of the strategic positioning of the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Great Bay Area is an international science and technology innovation center with global influence.

The outline proposes to promote the construction of “Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao” science and technology innovation corridor, explore policy measures conducive to the cross-border flow and regional integration of innovative elements such as talents, capital, information and technology, and jointly build a large data center and an international innovation platform in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area. As an important core of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Corridor, Songshan Lake, with its excellent environment and location, will usher in better development opportunities.

Songshan Lake is not only an important engine for innovation-driven development in Dongguan, but also a new industrial city for coordinated development of industries, a new science and technology city for gathering innovative resources, a picturesque ecological city, and a dynamic new city for young people to live and dream of double harvest.

With the arrival of a large number of R&D and headquarters-based projects such as Huawei Terminal, Huaqin Communications, Soft Power, Lance Science and Technology, there have been 253 national high-tech enterprises, 29 new R&D institutions and 40 incubators, including 8 National incubators and 26 provincial innovative research teams. Attracted more than 80,000 innovative talents, with their own blood, come to the land of Songshan Lake, sprinkle youth, brave dream pursuit, as a strong heart of innovation drive.

In order to promote the construction of Songshan Lake talent development and reform pilot area, Songshan Lake integrates more than 30,000 square meters of high-quality platform resources in the park, builds talent mansion and creates Songshan Lake innovative talent highland.

Songshan Lake Talents Building is located in the third phase of Guangda Wegu. Based on the existing mature industrial carrier of Songshan Lake, Guangda Wegu, Songshan Lake Talents Building integrates the talent project introduction platform of the park, aiming at enhancing the docking and carrying capacity of Songshan Lake for high-level talents’innovation and entrepreneurship, gathering all kinds of high-quality talents projects and innovative talents service projects, it will become a gathering of high-level talents in the industry. District, absorb talent main position.

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