Stimulating the Vitality of Skilled Talents and Promoting the Development of Enterprises

Stimulating the Vitality of Skilled Talents and Promoting the Development of Enterprises

“They were very excited to hear the good news!” Liao Guiping, deputy of the National People’s Congress and chairman of the trade union of Zhuhai Xuji Electric Co., Ltd., returned to work quickly after the end of the two sessions. For the first time, he shared and exchanged the spirit of the two sessions with some employees and leading cadres of the company. Late in the night of March 23, Liao Guiping was still revising the report materials. “There will be two spiritual seminars of the two sessions next week. I want to further improve the content and timely convey the spirit of the conference to the grass-roots level.”


Promoting Innovative Training of Skilled Talents in Enterprises

During this year’s NPC and CPPCC sessions, Liao Guiping brought six proposals. Among them, “suggestions on establishing and perfecting the long-term mechanism of model workers and craftsmen, and further exerting benchmarking power” is not only the topic he has been concerned about, but also closely related to the trade union work he is engaged in. “To carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, the key is to mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of front-line employees and help them expand their development space and promotion channels.” Liao Guiping said.

“Accelerate the connection between academic certificates and vocational skill level certificates”, “Speed up 100 billion yuan to implement vocational skill upgrading and job transfer training”… In this year’s report on government work, Liao Guiping was thrilled by many good measures. “These measures can help young people gain professional development by virtue of one skill, realize their life value, and stimulate the vitality of skilled talents.”

In fact, Liao Guiping not only pays close attention to the development of front-line employees from time to time, but also promotes the innovative training of skilled personnel. In order to tap and stimulate the motive force of innovative talents in enterprises, he has been taking the lead in employee labor skills competition and annual selection of innovative technology projects for many years, and has promoted enterprises to select a number of “top talents”, “innovative projects” and “technical experts”.

How to improve the quality of the competition? How to promote learning by competition? “Expand the crowd and guide the competition from physical fitness to intelligence.” Facing the wave of industrial transformation and upgrading, Liao Guiping expanded the competition crowd from the first-line production staff to the technology research and development group, let the first-line personnel and technical personnel integrate and develop, and promote staff production and research and development of products with higher technology content.


Win Trust and Support with Truth and Truth

During the two sessions of the National People’s Congress this year, Liao Guiping also proposed that the government should speed up the implementation of detailed rules, as soon as possible to implement the link between academic credentials and vocational skill level certificates, and provide convenience for workers’entry, children’s education, medical treatment, etc. Enterprises should better build staff incentive mechanism, strengthen staff skills training, open growth channels and help workers in need.

Innovative talents have become the foundation of Xu Ji’s development. According to statistics, Xu Ji Electric has 366 patents, including 189 invention patents, 23 software copyrights, 34 provincial, municipal and state grid company science and technology awards, leading or participating in 9 revisions of national standards and power industry standards.

“Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau are accelerating the construction of the Great Bay Area. How can enterprises seek greater development? The foothold is talent. Liao Guiping has been thinking about these problems since he came back from Beijing. Previously, he has promoted the establishment of “Chen Yong Model Innovation Studio” and “Women Workers Innovation Studio” in the company. At present, the studio has the key team of intelligent manufacturing, product innovation, software development and technological innovation. “I hope to promote these technical teams to”go out”and actively participate in academic exchanges or innovative cooperation; at the same time,”bring in”the industrial projects of Dawan District, and promote enterprises to achieve higher quality development.”

Liao Guiping, who has been engaged in trade union work for more than ten years, has earned their trust and support by treating enterprise employees with sincerity and sincerity. Now, as a representative of the National People’s Congress, he said, “We should do a good job of bridging the Party and the people, do practical things for the grassroots people, and gather the strength of the masses to promote the enterprise to a higher level of development.”

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