Upgrading key links in the industrial chain, a single project can receive up to 10 million yuan in funding

Upgrading key links in the industrial chain, a single project can receive up to 10 million yuan in funding

Reporters learned from the new issue of the government bulletin that the “Shenzhen Bureau of Industry and Information Technology Special Fund Support Plan for Strategic Emerging Industries Development Operational Rules” (hereinafter referred to as “Rules”) was recently issued. The support categories include “Innovation Chain + Industry Chain” integration special support plan, industry chain key link promotion support plan, industry service system support plan, Market access support plan. Supporting plans for state-funded and provincial-funded projects, etc. Qualified enterprises may enjoy direct subsidy, loan discount or equity subsidy.

The regulations are applicable to the special fund support plan for the development of strategic emerging industries organized and implemented by Shenzhen’s competent industrial and information departments. The strategic emerging industries include new generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, green low-carbon, biomedicine, digital economy, new materials and other industries.


Support Plan for Promoting Key Links in Industrial Chain

Up to 30 million yuan in equity subsidies

In the part of the support plan for upgrading the key links of the industrial chain, Shenzhen will support the declaring units to carry out economic implementation around the key links of the industrial chain, focusing on the strategic task of innovating and gathering superior resources and upgrading the industrial hierarchy, aiming at service and mode innovation in key areas, major strategic layout, large-scale demonstration and application promotion, upgrading of key technologies and processes, and mastering core technologies in production links. Or the application and promotion projects with remarkable social and economic benefits, industry development playing a supporting and leading role or major performance indicators achieving breakthroughs.

There are three types of subsidies for the key link promotion support plan in the industrial chain: direct after-the-event subsidies, equity subsidies or loan discounts. Among them, the amount of direct funding after the event does not exceed 50% of the total investment of the project or 30% of the sales of the corresponding period, and the amount of individual projects does not exceed 10 million yuan. Equity financing shall be supported by up to 30 million yuan of funds. The total amount of loan discount financing shall be 70% of the total amount of loan interest actually incurred within the total investment quota of an enterprise project, and shall not exceed 30% of the total investment amount of the project.

The support plan of industrial service system includes public service, high-end exhibition and other support plans. The mode of funding includes direct funding in advance and direct funding after the event. The maximum amount of funding for a single project is not more than 3 million yuan.


Integration Support Plan of “Innovation Chain + Industry Chain”

The annual subsidy amount is not more than 15 million yuan

The special support plan for the integration of “innovation chain + industry chain” includes taking the major needs and key links of the industry chain and innovation chain as the guidance, focusing on the research and development of Frontier basic research, industrial common technology and demonstration of industrial application, supporting the close cooperation of declaring units, and promoting the efficient integration of production, learning, research and high-quality resources. The mode of subsidization is direct in advance. The total amount of subsidization for each implementation plan does not exceed the application amount of the project declaration unit, and does not exceed 30% of the total investment. The maximum annual subsidy amount does not exceed 15 million yuan, and the support period generally does not exceed 3 years. The subsidy funds are allocated in stages according to the annual inspection and evaluation of the implementation plan.

The Market Access Support Scheme supports the declaring units to obtain registration, certification and license for market access in order to open up domestic and foreign markets, ensure that their technology, products and services meet the market access standards of different countries and regions. The plan uses direct after-the-event funding to support market access for biomedical and high-end equipment manufacturing projects in accordance with relevant industrial policies. If they are certified by international and domestic authorities respectively, the amount of individual project subsidies shall not exceed 1 million yuan and 500,000 yuan respectively, and the amount of annual subsidies of individual enterprises shall not exceed 5 million yuan.

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