Promoting youth entrepreneurship exchanges between Shenzhen and Hong Kong

Promoting youth entrepreneurship exchanges between Shenzhen and Hong Kong

Point to Kailiang Jingyang’s Twitter Friendship Circle. There are two titles under his head – “Secretary-General of Shenzhen Hong Kong Youth Exchange Promotion Association” and “Member of Shenzhen Youth Federation Port Area”. The Gulf Youth, who uses traditional Chinese characters to express his circle of friends, can be divided into two categories: social work to organize youth exchanges and the work of financial companies.

Liang Jingyang, who has his own circle of friends in the Mainland, now visits business friends in Shenzhen every week. At the weekend, he will invite several friends to go drifting in Qingyuan or climbing in Danxia Mountain. From participants to organizers of youth exchanges in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, Liang Jingyang witnessed the interconnection of youth between the two places. He told reporters: “With the development of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District, youth exchanges between Shenzhen and Hong Kong are becoming more and more frequent. Many young people in Hong Kong want to work or start businesses in the Mainland.”


Organize Hong Kong students to visit science and technology enterprises in Shenzhen

Liang Jingyang first came into contact with youth exchange work. He participated in the exchange group as a student during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Since then, he has joined the Hong Kong Youth Exchange Friends, a Hong Kong student organization.

In 2015, the Hong Kong Youth Exchange Promotion Association of Shenzhen set up 18 youth promotion exchanges in prefecture-level cities in Guangdong. At that time, Shenzhen had not yet been established. Because of his rich experience in organizational preparation, Liang Jingyang served as Secretary-General of Shenzhen Hong Kong Youth Promotion Association. Two years later, he became a member of Shenzhen Youth Federation.

“Shenzhen has developed science and technology and a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship. Organizing exchange activities is to hope that Hong Kong youth will know more about Shenzhen and let them feel the atmosphere of technological innovation and entrepreneurship in the Mainland. Liang Jingyang said that the main task is to organize students from Hong Kong to visit innovative technology enterprises in Shenzhen.

In addition, an important work of Shenzhen Hong Kong Youth Exchange Promotion Association every year is to help Shenzhen Youth Federation organize “Longteng China – Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Youth Culture Special Session”. These 720 teenagers from Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan jointly took a special train to start the social practice activities of summer camp. They arrived in Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Qiqihar and other cities and regions.

From participants to organizers of Youth Exchange activities, Liang Jingyang has a deep feeling: we hope to expand the “circle of friends” of Hong Kong youth through exchange work, so that the feelings of young people in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Bay Area will be more harmonious.


Promoting the interconnection of the insurance industry in the Bay Area

In addition to youth exchanges, Liang Jingyang’s own job is the financial planning director of Manulife Financial Company, Canada. His daily work is to provide financial planning programs for customers. Many Mainland friends will also discuss with Liang Jingyang when they come to Hong Kong to buy insurance products prescribed by law.

The Outline of the Development Planning for the Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao mentions that, on the premise of compliance with the law, we should promote the cross-border transactions of funds, insurance and other financial products in the Dawan District in an orderly manner, constantly enrich the categories and channels of investment products, establish a mechanism for the exchange of funds and products, and support eligible Hong Kong and Macao banks and insurance institutions to set up business institutions in Qianhai, Nansha, Zhuhai Hengqin.

In this regard, Liang Jingyang is very looking forward to the landing of relevant initiatives. He said that the outlook for financial circulation in Dawan District is very optimistic. It will not only promote the sale of insurance products, but also make it more convenient for mainland customers to settle claims if insurance companies in Hong Kong set up after-sales service centers in the Bay Area in the future.

“Looking forward to the interconnection of people flow, logistics and capital flow in Dawan City, whether in terms of financial products or youth exchanges,” said Liang Jingyang.


Editor: Luo Yuqi

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