Southern Photographers Watch Guangdong | Embrace the Long-lost Sunshine

Southern Photographers Watch Guangdong | Embrace the Long-lost Sunshine

In the latter half of last week, the land of South Guangdong was finally sunny. After a long time of rain wash, the air became very fresh, the distant scenery was very thorough, and people’s mood also said goodbye to the mildew. Morning light in the Pearl River New Town, fishing boats in Hailing Island, red land like a palette in Western Guangdong, and marine pasture in the waters of Nanao Island… Everything is so beautiful.

  On May 10, the rainy and rainy Yangcheng finally ushered in a sunny day. By Ants Look at the World

  On May 8, after days of rainy weather, the haze over the CBD of the Pearl River New Town was dispersed, ushering in the long-lost penetration. Photographed by Chen Guoheng

  On May 2, Xiao Manwaist shines brightly in the night scene of Guangzhou after the rain. Fox Hunter Photographs

  On May 11, Shunde Daliang Shunfengshan Park held the “Shunde Light and Film Culture Exhibition”. Photographed by Liang Wensheng

  May 2, the Shenzhen Universiade Stadium during the May Day Holiday. Photographed by Chen Guoheng

  May 8, Foshan Century Lotus Stadium after the shower. By Chen Hua

  On the morning of May 7, clouds filled the sky, overlooking Guangzhou South Railway Station, like a fairyland. Photographed by Liang Wensheng

  On May 11, Nanao Island National Marine Ranch under the blue sky and blue sea, the scenery of fishermen’s operation is very magnificent. By Ma CA

  On May 11, with the arrival of the fishing suspension period in the South China Sea, fishing boats began to berth in an orderly manner in the fishing port of Hailing Island, Yangjiang City. By Liu Zhengliang

  n May 4, aerial photographs of red earth in Western Guangdong were like palettes. By Ants Look at the World

On May 12, the Dongsheng Village Committee of Jingnan Town, Xingning City, Meizhou City, held a 100km cycling event in Xingning City, Meizhou City, in 2019. Photograph by He Zhilin

Co-ordination: Zhang Youqiong

Arrangement: Intern Xu Jie

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