What should college students do for innovation and Entrepreneurship

What should college students do for innovation and Entrepreneurship

At the 2018 Digital Science and Technology Culture Festival, Yuxi and the 11th National 3D Competition, participants are introducing virtual reality VR devices. Respondent’s Map

“The innovative ability of participating college students is very strong. Whether their creativity can stand out in the fierce competition, in fact, has some common characteristics. Most of the winning teams have their own originality in innovation, feasibility and so on.” Shen Xukun, the referee of the 2008 Digital Science and Technology Culture Festival, Yuxi and the 11th National 3D Competition Annual Final, said at a recent series of events.


New ideas, the creativity of college students is unstoppable

Wheelchairs that can climb buildings and monitor the body, screw-twisting machines that can automatically change the type of screw, intelligent optometric glasses that can measure degrees at home by themselves… The students actively promoted their achievements at the competition site. Xie Zhongqiang, a student of Nanchang Aeronautical University, is one of the main leaders of the team. During his study period, he developed intelligent optometric equipment with several classmates, which has already been finished. “In the Internet era, if you can achieve your own optometry at home, you can purchase glasses directly on the Internet, giving glasses users more choices.” He said.

Xie Zhongqiang told Sci-tech Daily that they first found that the demand was in some villages and towns, because there was no suitable ophthalmic hospital in the area, and the flow of spectacle stores was not enough to support expensive spectacle equipment, so optometric matching became a problem for ordinary people, they had to go to the county to complete the optometry. So Xie Zhongqiang and his classmates thought about using what they had learned to make an optometric product. It looks like an ordinary optometric mirror, but in fact it is connected with the mobile phone APP. Once checked, the degree of the eyes and the required glasses can be displayed directly in the mobile phone.

In real life, the networked and intelligent “black technology” such as 3D printing, robots, block chains, sensor/Internet of Things IOT, industrial APP, intelligent manufacturing has spread all over the corners of life, many of which are indispensable technological elements in people’s lives. It is the direction of students’efforts to make some minor modifications of these “black technology” to facilitate public life. “Now the students’creativity is beyond imagination. I’m very excited by the many good ideas they bring to me.” A judge from the Digital Industrial Design Group excitedly told reporters.


Product-oriented, Breakthrough Point of Students’Double Creation

For young people who want to innovate and start a business, a little bit is not enough. Although the idea is very good, the judges still want to see the results of real digital design, even better if there are products. Zhang Hongqi, the referee, said that even though the students used PPT to make demonstrations for several years, they would be very excited to see the real objects produced by the students. Students from design to computer graphics, production, this process is a great improvement.

In the finals, Li Shiqi and Cui Tongyao, students of Weinan Normal University, created three-dimensional animation “The Past of Cloud”, which won the only prize of “Direction of Digital Culture Design”, and won the unanimous praise of the audience on the spot.

Its uniqueness is that students really create a complete animated cartoon with their own knowledge of 3D design. The 12-minute animation highlights the clear theme of opposing war and cherishing peace by designing a strong contrast between the two female characters and war. Experts from the referee team told Sci-tech Daily that the most prominent feature of this work is the skilled use of the latest 3D digital technology and the use of a variety of software tools, including MAYA, to show impressive visual effects.

Lu Junshan, head of the Organizing Committee of the 3D Competition, told Sci-tech Daily that every year a large number of investment institutions and founder organizations, as well as heads of manufacturing enterprises, come to watch the competition. One of the main reasons is that we hope to excavate some design products with market prospects in the entries. He told reporters that in previous competitions, Jilin University Zhuhai Institute Jizhu Zhilian team designed and manufactured a “rotary valve four cylinder engine” is a widely praised product. The engine developed by the students is simpler and lighter in structure and more economical than before. It has the advantages of high speed, low quality, low noise, easy start-up and low manufacturing cost, and is considered to have great prospects in the market.

In fact, the popularity of similar digital design products has a background of the times. With the rapid development of today’s society, all aspects of the economy and society are experiencing a growing stage. In such important fields as machinery manufacturing, if students’innovative design can take a unique path, it will be of great significance to improve and innovate existing products, reduce costs and improve economic benefits.

Full Chain Applied Talents, New Direction of Higher Education

It is worth mentioning that schools play an important role in promoting students’innovation and entrepreneurship. They hope to use similar opportunities to integrate theory with practice more closely and improve students’innovative design ability in an all-round way.

Teacher of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology said that the school is very supportive of students’more innovative manufacturing activities, and the participating schools are also very active. In his view, through the competition, we can promote the coordinated development of students’knowledge, ability and quality, study advanced three-dimensional digital innovative design technology, and improve teachers’ teaching level.

At present, China’s manufacturing industry is facing a situation of large scale and insufficient strength. To realize the transformation from a big manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country, the key is to break through the talent bottleneck, and the cultivation of high-end technical talents with craftsmanship spirit is the most important.

According to the statistical data a few years ago, the demand gap for 3D application talents in China’s manufacturing industry is about 8 million. Now this gap has not been alleviated.

The difficulty of employment of college students and recruitment of enterprises coexist, which reflects the dislocation between the traditional universal talents in university education and the modern applied and professional talents structure oriented to the needs of enterprises and technological progress.

Li Jie, head of a hardware manufacturer in Dongguan, told Sci-tech Daily that he paid special attention to the innovative activities and competitions of all kinds of College students, hoping to find new directions for the development of some enterprises.

In his opinion, the most scarce industry front-line in our country is not high-end R&D personnel such as doctoral students, nor front-line operators and ordinary technicians, but application-oriented technicians who know not only product design and development, but also product manufacturing technology and market consumption, and can combine innovative design concepts, innovative manufacturing methods, innovative production processes and innovative market means. Only then. It is hoped that universities can cultivate more comprehensive talents combining theory with practice. Understanding maps, understanding processes, optimizing performance, and introducing new products are new requirements and challenges for university education under the current situation of great economic and social development.

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