Be an Intelligent Worker on the New Age Production Line

Be an Intelligent Worker on the New Age Production Line

“How to improve operational efficiency?” On the afternoon of March 21, Yang Feifei, deputy of the National People’s Congress and technical manager of Foxconn Science and Technology Group Precision Machinery Business Group, raised a real-time video of the precise die machining workshop on the computer, enlarged and checked the operation data of the processing equipment, carefully compared with the order, and then began to discuss with the workers immediately.

After the end of the two sessions, Yang Feifei immediately returned to work, and combined with the feelings of the participants, he had a new thinking on the word “innovation”. On March 7 last year, General Secretary Xi Jinping participated in the deliberations of the Guangdong delegation at the first meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress. Yang Feifei listened to the speech of the General Secretary on the spot. “Development is the first priority, talent is the first resource, innovation is the first power”. During this year’s NPC and CPPCC sessions, he studied the spirit of the important speech made by the General Secretary in Beijing when he participated in the deliberations of the Fujian delegation. “We should create a good development environment conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship.”

“I can’t do my job without innovation. The process of reform and opening-up has higher requirements for both enterprises and individuals. Only by taking the road of innovation and development can we have a foothold in future work. Yang Feifei said.

Since 2003, Yang Feifei has entered Foxconn as a mechanic from Nantong Mechanical Processing School. He likes to study technology. Every month, he organizes his colleagues to discuss, research new technology and improve equipment performance. He has won many technical honors. He is a popular “production line engineer” among his colleagues.

“We hope to improve efficiency and reduce costs by innovating and optimizing process flow and improving auxiliary tools.” Yang Feifei said. On one occasion, he improved the clamping fixture of precision die WEDM, not only reduced five processes, but also reduced the labor intensity by about 30%. On another occasion, he innovated in the research and development of quick fixture and fixture for WEDM bed, which improved the quality and efficiency by 30% simultaneously, and has been widely used in many units of the group.

Nowdays, Foxconn Longhua Park, where Yang Feifei works, has been formally transformed into a R&D park integrating technology and application of precision mechanism parts, moulds, software and design. The future of these intelligent manufacturing is supported and promoted by a number of subtle conceptual and technological innovations.

In Yang Feifei’s opinion, compared with grinding machinery more efficiently, the “self-polishing” of industrial workers is more important. Now he is not only responsible for the management of production units, but also part-time participation in mold automation projects, large data platform construction and intelligent manufacturing projects. “Shenzhen is in the forefront of reform and opening up, and the atmosphere of enterprise innovation is strong. In the new era, industrial workers not only need to do a good job in assembly line, but also need to constantly improve their technological and innovative capabilities and become a new era’s”smart workers”. He said.

Therefore, for many years, Yang Feifei insisted on participating in skills competition while improving his management ability. At several competitions, young workers jokingly asked him, “What else have you won so many prizes with us?” But in Yang Feifei’s view, such a competitive environment is essential. “On the one hand, we hope to continuously improve the technology, on the other hand, we hope to promote team members to grow together and form an atmosphere of struggle, so that we can”jump”out of the thinking limitations of 8-hour mechanical work, and know how to improve personal value through skill upgrading.”

“With the acceleration of construction in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, the manufacturing industry will take off in a new way, and the industrial workers will have a new hope!” Yang Feifei is full of expectations for the future: “Guangdong manufacturing industry is speeding up the transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. The demand for the comprehensiveness and diversity of technology is increasing. Industrial workers should also find their own transformation path in the wave of innovation and development.”

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