“May Day” holiday tourism market booming consumption enthusiasm

“May Day” holiday tourism market booming consumption enthusiasm

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Holiday time adjustment, so that this “May Day” holiday has become a good time for many consumers to travel. Since this year, the policy of large-scale tax reduction and fee reduction has increased the willingness to consume. Individualized and diversified tourism experience has become a new pursuit. The quality of culture and tourism products and services has been continuously improved in various places, bringing consumers a new consumption experience. The tourism market of small and long vacations is booming, and the consumption enthusiasm is rising.

It is no exaggeration to describe tourists’enthusiasm for traveling during the May Day holiday with an unprecedented rise. On May 1, the railway delivered 17.243 million passengers, a record one-day high. During the holidays, Civil Aviation domestic airlines flew 52725 flights, an increase of 5.63% over the same period last year. The average daily traffic volume around 36 scenic spots monitored in China increased by 8.23% over the same period last year.

According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the total number of domestic tourist receptions during the holidays was 195 million, and the tourism income was 117.67 billion yuan. The proportion of tourists who consume between 501 and 1000 yuan is the highest, accounting for 38%. Strong travel demand has made this year’s small and long vacation tourism consumer market very popular.

More and more parents take their children to museums, art galleries and other public cultural venues. Parents and children of literary and creative products travel to new favorites. With the improvement of infrastructure and service quality in the major scenic spots, the distinctive “Net Red” hotel has brought tourists to stay in hotels and enjoy leisure and vacation time. This year’s short and long vacation is one day more than before, which provides an excellent opportunity for long distance travel. The average number of tourists staying outside is 2.25 days, which is 9.5% higher than that of Qingming Holiday.

Industry insiders believe that parent-child tours, Hotel Tours and long-distance tours have greatly stimulated the consumption of culture, leisure, rural areas and catering, and personalized diversified experience is becoming a new hot spot in the small and long vacation tourism market.


1.Parent-child travel:Enjoy family by teaching

“Dad, I saw a real dinosaur!” Wu Qichen, 6, jumped up excitedly pointing to the 34-meter-long Bingling Summer Dragon skeleton in front of him. Looking at his exciting son, Mr. Wu felt it was worthwhile to drive here for more than an hour.

On May 4, nine dinosaur skeletons were displayed in the dinosaur hall on the second floor of the Anhui Geological Museum in Hefei, attracting many tourists, many of whom, like Mr. Wu, took family trips with their children. According to Ctrip’s data, more than 30% of visitors chose parent-child tours during the May Day holiday.

“In the past, I took my children to places with good scenery for a long vacation. This time I came to the Geological Museum because my son is going to primary school, so I can play while learning and enrich my knowledge. Mr. Wu said that many friends around him had brought their children. His son felt itchy when he saw the pictures and kept clamoring to come. This time, it was a satisfaction to his son’s wishes.

Compared with the past, more and more people choose to visit museums and other public cultural venues on holidays. “Our daily passenger flow during the May Day period can reach 10,000, and there are many foreign tourists.” Hu Cedar, curator of Anhui Geological Museum, introduced that the exhibition of Dibo is related to biology and geology. Only the dinosaur hall that the children are interested in has three floors. Among them, there are not only dinosaur skeleton display, dinosaur eggs display and knowledge introduction, but also many interactive games, which attracted many families. “There is a big family from Ningbo, 13 people, including four children, clamouring to see our home-made special effect film”Fish Dragon Warrior”.

“Our best-selling creative products are emblems with Museum logos, refrigerator stickers, and this toy doll of our own design, Yansi Wannan Dragon.” Li Lili, a staff member of Dibo Wenchuang, pointed to a blue dragon doll. All kinds of animal models are loved by children, badge stickers, especially with commemorative significance.

Li Lili introduced that during the short and long vacation, the museum sold more than 300 sets of postcards. Looking back two years ago, when Wenchuang products had not yet been made, only 78 products could be sold a day, Li Lili sighed with emotion that the change was so great. The reason is that, on the one hand, the museum’s creative products are more exquisite, on the other hand, more tourists now recognize the value and significance of creative products and are willing to consume them.


2. Hotel Tour: More Relaxed by Immersion

A quiet and peaceful white “lotus flower” blossoms in the vast desert in the Xiangsha Bay Desert Scenic Area of Dalat Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia. This year’s “May Day” holiday, this novel online Red Hotel – Lotus Hotel, has attracted many tourists to explore.

“I’ve never been to the desert before. It’s very strange to hear friends say that it’s fun to swim in the desert and stay in a hotel in the desert. It’s a long vacation and I’m coming with my family. Guo Hao, a tourist from Beijing, said.

After checking in, the Guohao family passed through the long room aisle. Lights shine through the walls, showing local camels, horses and musicians who play the harp. Enter the room, panoramic landing window, the desert scenery at a glance, open the windows and doors, but also listen to the sand sea array. “It’s amazing that there are such beautiful hotels in the desert, with five-star accommodation and foot-lifting access to the desert!” Guo Hao sighed.

“Our hotel is a green building built in an environmentally friendly way. It adopts a one-price, all-inclusive business model, including accommodation, catering, drinking and entertainment projects in desert scenic spots. This holiday hotel room is very tense, more than 300 rooms are booked up very early, many tourists come to stay in the hotel specially. Zhang Ruiming, general manager of Xiangsha Bay Holiday Management Company, said.

The Yang Heng family from Guangdong has been here for two days and one night. They experienced exciting aerial cableways and sand washing, rode desert off-road vehicles and camels, tasted various local delicacies, and watched a large desert fireworks evening, immersed in them, relaxed physically and mentally. “Hotel service is very intimate, and professional staff help take care of children, so that our husband and wife can have time to enjoy their world.” Yang Heng laughed.

According to reports, this year’s “May Day” holiday, Lotus Hotel receives more than 2,200 tourists, of which accommodation for more than one day accounts for 1/4 of the total accommodation, and the total income is 392,000 yuan. With the increasing proportion of overnight travelers, Xiangsha Bay Scenic Area specially organizes various activities such as bonfire evening party, which receives nearly 100,000 tourists and realizes nearly 60 million yuan of tourism revenue in the scenic area and its surrounding areas.


3. Long-distance travel: take advantage of holidays to go far

Qinghai Lake, cool wind gusts, overlooking the vast distance, water and sky uniform. Qin Lizhi broke the biscuit and threw it up. A large group of brown-headed gulls flew up. “Biscuits are sold in scenic spots. These little guys are used to living in harmony with tourists. When we see them, we all move forward.” Qin Lizhi said.

Qin Lizhi, a student from Beijing, came to Qinghai to punch in during the May Day holiday. She said, “Every vacation I go out to play, this year’s vacation is more than one day in previous years, you can go a little farther.”

Can’t you come to Qinghai for a short vacation? “How expensive!” Qin Li Zhi laughed. “Students are short of money. It takes 20 hours to travel by train one way.” If there were only three days off, I would definitely not come to Qinghai to play.

Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt Lake, Tar Temple… Along the way, Qin Lizhi was tired and happy. “Qinghai has a large area and a long ride time, but every scenic spot is worth it.” Red cloak, red scarf, this is Qin Lizhi’s harvest in the night market of Mojiajie, Xining. “To go to the”Mirror of the Sky”tea card salt lake, of course, we need to dress brightly and take good pictures!”

But there are also episodes. “People are crowded, too. Yesterday, the tourist bus was blocked in the road. It was 12 o’clock at night when we returned to Xining.” Qin Lizhi said, “Some scenic spots need to improve service, such as in the tea card salt lake, there are fewer restaurants, and the quality of food is general.”

“In the past two years, Qinghai’s tourist attractions have been working hard to improve their service level. For example, the phenomenon of shoe-covers littering in Chaka Salt Lake has basically disappeared, and new scenic spots will be opened to welcome more tourists this year. Tour guide Quyongjia said.

Qu Yongjia was very busy these two days. She arrived at work at 6 a.m. and returned home at 11 p.m. She laughed and said, “Now the name of Qinghai is getting louder and louder, and more and more tourists come to Qinghai. Over the past few days, the number of tourists from other places has increased considerably, and the proportion of tourists from Beijing, Shaanxi and other places is higher. According to Pang Hong, manager of Northwest China, the number of visitors to Qinghai during the May Day holiday increased by more than 30% year on year, mainly from outside.

Zhao Ping, Director of International Trade Research Department of China Institute for the Promotion of Trade, said: “China’s residents’income level has maintained a steady growth, the scale of middle-income groups has continued to expand, the livelihood security system has been constantly improved, and the momentum of new consumption climate is vigorous.”



Our reporter Zhang Fengyouyi, former Taoxiong Lu Yanan, Liu Zhiqiang, Zhao Zhanhui Wang, Colossan

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