Yunnan Youth Pioneer Park Opening — Building a New Platform for Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Yunnan Youth Pioneer Park Opening — Building a New Platform for Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship

China Youth Network, Beijing, January 17 (Reporter Ma Yunfei, Correspondent Yang Jun) On the afternoon of January 10, the opening ceremony of Yunnan Youth Pioneer Park was held in Wuhua Kechuang Building, Kunming. Duan Ying, Deputy Secretary of Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, attended the opening ceremony and awarded the license for Yunnan Youth Pioneer Park. Deputy Secretary of Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League (part-time), He Jing, Executive Chairman of the Provincial Youth Entrepreneurship Association, Sun Shiying, Director of the Management Committee of Wuhua Science and Technology Industrial Park, Guo Ying, Vice-Chairman of the People’s Government of Wuhua District, and the Provincial Commerce Department, Provincial Credit Re Guarantee Company, Kunming Development and Reform Commission, and relevant responsible comrades of Kunming Science and Technology Bureau attended .

  Yunnan Youth Pioneer Park is the first provincial Youth Pioneer Park in Yunnan Province. It is an important measure for the Youth League and Provincial Committee to implement the call of “mass entrepreneurship, universal innovation”, respond to the realistic needs of Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship, and enrich the means of serving youth development. Under the guidance of the League Provincial Committee, the Youth Entrepreneurship Park is jointly built by Kunming Wuhua Science and Technology Industrial Park Development Investment Co., Ltd. and Yunnan Zhongchuang Space Investment Co., Ltd. The Provincial Youth Entrepreneurship Association participates in daily management. Qingchuang Park operates in the mode of “Party and Government Support, Communist Youth League Leadership and Socialized Operation”. Through rent reduction, training and education of entrepreneurship mentors and micro-loans for entrepreneurship, it solves the problems of fund, site, technology, policy and management in the process of entrepreneurship for young people, and combats through the deep integration of the most advantageous characteristic products and human resources in the province. Create “seven colors” Qingchuang system platform, incubate Yunnan native Qingchuang enterprises, and help “Yunpin” become a powerful driving force for Yunnan’s development. At present, the Youth Entrepreneurship Park has attracted 40 young entrepreneurs.

Duan Ying pointed out at the opening ceremony that the establishment of Yunnan Youth Pioneer Park is not only an important measure to integrate resources and effectively serve youth entrepreneurship, but also a useful attempt to expand the service arm of the Communist Youth League for youth entrepreneurship. It is hoped that relevant provincial departments and Party committees of Kunming City, Wuhua District, the government and the park management committee will continue to participate in and pay attention to the construction of youth entrepreneurship parks, increase the guidance services for entrepreneurs, implement various preferential policies, and help entrepreneurs to solve the practical difficulties encountered in the process of development. It is hoped that the management and operation team of youth entrepreneurship parks will continue to innovate service concepts. Make the Youth Pioneer Park a vibrant, vibrant, imaginative and creative pioneer park, a city business card of Kunming, and an influential pioneer ecosphere in the whole province. Enterprises wishing to enter the Youth Pioneer Park will focus on the key industries of “green energy, green food, healthy life destination” and “three cards” in Yunnan. Continuously explore and innovate, expand the market, realize the docking, sharing and landing of excellent resources both inside and outside the province, while making the enterprises bigger and stronger, promote the leapfrog development of high quality in Yunnan.

Duan Ying said that on the basis of vigorously implementing the “youth entrepreneurship assistance plan”, the Youth Entrepreneurship Park in Yunnan Province will provide centralized assistance to young entrepreneurs, strive to provide park enterprises and young entrepreneurs in the province with better service and development environment, provide more humane and accurate services, help young entrepreneurs reduce risks and control costs. The high success rate of entrepreneurship will enable more young people to realize their dream of entrepreneurship, and make the Youth Pioneer Park become the “gas station” for entrepreneurs and the “incubator” for young entrepreneurs.

Over the past decade, the provincial Communist Youth League has been focusing on the overall situation of the Party and Government Center, giving full play to its organizational advantages of many aspects and sound network, focusing on helping young entrepreneurs to solve their financial difficulties, investing an average of 700 million yuan annually in financial entrepreneurship support funds and supporting the entrepreneurship development of 10,000 young people. A large number of young entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs thrive. Through their hard work, many young entrepreneurs have opened up a new world for their personal career, become practitioners and beneficiaries of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, and have made positive contributions to the economic and social development of the province.

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